Labels feature allows your team adding colour-coded labels to each activity to help you organize your data. This will give you a better visual representation of your activities while viewing them in the list view.

Assigning and creating labels

When adding or editing an activity, you can assign a label to your activity by clicking on the dropdown menu and selecting one of your existing labels.

Adding new labels

You can add new labels when creating a new or editing existing activity. You can find a pencil icon next to the "Labels" caption.

A new modal window will open with the list of existing labels. Below the list, you can find "Add more Labels +" link. Click on it to add a new label.

Choose a name for your label, pick a suitable colour and save it by clicking on the "save" button.

Editing and deleting labels

You can use the same modal window to edit or delete the label.

Please note! Deleting a label will delete it from all activities. Editing an assigned label will change its appearance in the already assigned locations.

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