When adding a new agreement you can set up agreement type and life-cycle components.

Agreement Type

This could be data processing agreement, marketing agreement or any other type. You can add more types under Agreements -> Agreement types menu.

Service Country

Service Country is a country where the service defined in the agreement will be performed.

Agreement Status

You can set manually a status reflecting the current state of the agreement. Some statuses mentioned below are set automatically. You can set special notifications for each status of an agreement under Agreement -> Notification rules menu.

  • Draft (manual)

  • Negotiating (manual)

  • Negotiations failed (manual)

  • Signing (manual)

  • Active (manual)

  • Active with special clauses (manual)

  • Expired (automatic status is being set when Renewal Mechanism is Manual and Termination Date is met)

  • Terminated (manual)

Party Type

Party Type can be internal or eternal:

  • Internal - if an agreement is signed with one of the entities within a group, which is managed within GDPR Register.

  • External - a third party, which is not part of a group.

Agreement Party

Agreement Party allows selecting the party the agreement is signed with. The drop-down field values depend on Party Type selection - internal or external. External parties can be added using "+" button or under Agreements -> Third parties menu.

Party Role

Party Role defines the role of the other party within the agreement. For example, it can be "Data processor" in case of data processing agreement or "Marketing service provider" in case of service agreement.

Renewal mechanism

  • Manual - the agreement will automatically expire after the Termination Date and its status will be changed to "Expired".

  • Automatic - agreement is renewed after the end of the period. The end of the period is set by Termination Date. User should manually update Termination Date. If Termination Date is not updated and is in the past, the system will display a warning sign next to such agreement.

Agreement dates

  • Signature date - the date when the agreement was signed

  • Commencement date - the date when the agreement became active

  • Termination date - the date when agreement supposed to be terminated. If Renewal mechanism Automatic, it defines the end of the agreement renewal cycle. The user should renew the date manually if the agreement continues to be in force. If Renewal mechanism is manual, the agreement status will be automatically changed to "Expired" on the Termination date.

  • Termination Notification date - this is a date set in agreement defining deadline of advance notification about possible changes or termination of an agreement.

  • Termination notification alert - number of days when an alert should be sent before the Termination Notification date. There is a possibility to set multiple alerts, for example, 60 days, 30 days, etc.

Responsible Legal Advisor - a user of GDPR Register responsible for this specific agreement.

Contract owner - an email address of a person with the organisation who is responsible for this agreement, but is not a user of GDPR Register


At the bottom of the section, there is a special section for agreement documents or links to those.

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